There are millions of species of animals in the world. The insect is one of the broad categories of the animal kingdom, which incorporate many types of insects. Flea is one of those insects If you want to know more about what does a flea look like then this article is for you. In this article, you will find the answer to the question what does a flea look like but, also find other information related to larvae and egg.

Characteristics of a flea:

Flea belongs to insect family but, they don’t have wings. The color of this flattened insect can vary from light red to dark red, which seems like black. They have long back legs, which give them athletic capabilities and jumping capability. Although, they can jump as high as a meter but, most leaps they take will not surpass the foot mark. Knowing what does a flea looks like will not guarantee that you will be able to catch them easily.

Flea Transformation Cycle

More details:

They have a hard shell over their body, which is quite slippery and allows it to get into your hair and clothes without getting noticed. What makes them special is their quickness and agility. They can get inside the carpet once you set out to chase them. These small creatures have a height of 2-4 millimeters. Fleas attach themselves to pet animals such as a cat or a dog. They reside in places where it is difficult for the pet to reach such as tail base, belly or at the genital organs.

Flea Eggs

flea eggs pictures

Female flea lay eggs only after sucking blood and the eggs are normally like translucent oval dots. The size of the egg is very small, not more than half a millimeter. These eggs become dry and harder within no time and gains slipperiness too. Additionally, these eggs hatch very quickly in less than a week but, it depends on the conditions. If the eggs get suitable hatching condition, it can hatch within few days’ time but, if the conditions are not friendly enough, this process might take as long as 10-15 days. Larvae come out of these eggs.

Flea Larvae

A colorless, 3 mm long worm, comes out of the flea eggs. When you see the pictures of flea larvae behind an illuminated background, you will see a transparent young flea with dark color liquid inside. They survive and grow by eating dirt of adult flea. After 15 days, it transforms and spins a cocoon.

To cut it short:

This cocoon is a dirt and dust magnet. The size of the cocoon ranges from 2-4 mm. It is very difficult to identify the pupae of the larvae because of its resemblance with the dirt and dust around us. If you look closely, you might see some black dots, which is flea dirt. Due to this black color, you can easily figure out if your pet is affected by flea attack or not otherwise, it is very hard to tell because of the color of the flea, larvae, and its eggs.

fleas photos

Fleas Pics


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