Almost every person has to deal with pimples at least once in their life. These pimples usually appear at the onset of puberty when the hormonal fluctuations are at their peak. According to an estimate, about 80% of teenagers get acne at some point in their lives. Some individuals are lucky enough to get pimples only once in their lifetime or no pimples at all but the unlucky individuals have to face persistent pimple problems. Hence, everyone wants to know that what causes pimples?

How do pimples emerge?

First, we should know that how pimples actually appear on the skin. We all know that the skin renews itself and the old skin cells die and shed gradually. But sometimes, some of the dead cells do not shed and remain present on the skin surface. Sebaceous glands which are present at the base of each follicle keep the skin moist by producing sebum. The old skin cells together with the sebum clog the pores present on the skin surface. Bacteria, oil, and other impurities get trapped inside the clogged pores and the body’s immune system responds by attacking the bacteria. This causes inflammation and pimples pop up.

Occasional pimples are not harmful, however, if pimples are persistent then, it can cause a big problem and the worst thing is that they can leave permanent marks on your skin.

Do You Know What causes pimples? Here Are The Major Reasons!

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Individuals dealing with acne problems often ask that why do some people get pimples whereas others don’t. It is because everyone has a different body that responds differently to the external factors or foreign agents. What causes pimples is primarily related to bacteria, sebum, clogged pores, dead skin cells and hormone level fluctuations. Following are some of the causes of pimples:

  1. Bacterial infections.
  2. Hormone Fluctuations.
  3. Skin type.
  4. Genetics.
  5. Lifestyle.

     1. Bacterial infections.

Bacteria are present on the skin surface as they are the part of skin’s natural sebum maintenance system. These bacteria exist harmlessly in all skin types. However, when the skin conditions are right these bacteria reproduce rapidly and that is when they cause problems resulting in inflammation and breakouts.

  1. Hormone fluctuations.

Breakouts start at puberty when the hormones called androgens are produced. People who are prone to acne have skin which is very sensitive to any fluctuation in the level of androgens. Hence, the sebaceous glands are overstimulated by androgens and the risk of getting acne rises up. Moreover, hormone fluctuations related to stress, mood swings, menstruation etc., also cause pimples.

  1. Skin type.

Skin type also affects the chances of getting pimples. Those individuals, who have an oily skin or skin which produces extra sebum, are at a greater risk of getting pimples. Moreover, oily scalp and greasy hair can worsen breakouts.

  1. Genetics.

Genetics, to some extent, determines whether a person will get pimples or not. If your parents had acne in their adolescence then you are likely to have acne. However, if none of your parents had pimples, ever in their lives then, it is likely that you will not have pimples.

  1. Lifestyle.

Having or not having pimples is greatly influenced by your lifestyle. People who have a greater intake of oily, fried or processed foods and less intake of vegetables and water are at a greater risk of getting acne. Whereas, individuals who eat vegetables, nuts, fruits and drink plenty of water have a clear skin. Moreover, anybody dealing with stress and anxiety has a high risk of having a breakout.

Personal hygiene is very important. If your hands are contaminated or your hair is greasy then, it can surely, worsen your acne. Avoid frequent contact of your hands with your face.

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Acne or pimples is not a big problem but, if untreated it can get worse. If you have occasional breakouts then, there is not much to worry but if you have an ongoing breakout problem then you should definitely consult your dermatologist. Moreover, eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and most importantly stay happy.

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