Life in general is the happening of stupid things, was said by someone, but did you ever have a chance to think on it literally? We all do silly things in our youth like trying drugs etc specially weed (marijuana). It is one of the most common drug especially in the western craving nations. Have you ever thought how long does marijuana stay in your system? How long after a “puff” will it be detectable in your system? Well here’s your chance to know how!

What is marijuana? And how long does it stay in your system? Dry leaves of strong-smelling plant that are used for a number of euphoria and hallucinogenic drugs. There is some confusion people think these weeds are only used as drugs but no these weeds can be beneficial for health as well as dangerous if not checked. Marijuana (weeds). These weeds stay in your system depends upon how much you use them and how much you are addicted to marijuana.

What risk it can cause to our body? Why it is so important to be taken in checked quantity? What benefits can it give to our body? Let’s go through some details which may help you to know either they are more dangerous or more efficient in relaxing our mind.


(Photo: gvictoria/iStock)

(Photo: gvictoria/iStock)

It’s a fact that weeds have positive effects on our body that may be long lasting or may be short term so the immediate beneficiary effects of weeds are relaxation, creativity, pain relief, sound sleep, bliss and more improved appetite. So let’s start with relaxation, when you are so much stressed out of your office work or some other stress your need something really relaxing that can remove all your stress .When you take cannabis vapors as smoke and inhale it, the anti-anxiety compound flow through your blood system and reaches your brain that makes you feel relaxed. The next effect is creativity, this marijuana activates some of those areas of brain which can increase our thoughts and make them deeper and flattered thought can be collected at one point. Therefore many artists smoke weeds to make their thoughts clear and more specific. The next effect that these weeds cause in our favour is pain relief, the most wonderful effect of these weed usage. When pain occurs our body cells release chemicals like histamine etc. that causes pain. So the moment you smoke these weeds, they make cells to stop releasing of such chemicals .Actually they cut of the signals that control release of these chemicals. When taken in excess they can put you to sleep and they can also help you to sleep faster.

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These weeds like marijuana have same effects like exercise .During exercise certain chemicals are released like dopamine, serotonin and anandamide. These compounds in brain can make you feel amazing. They are also the reason behind the “runner’s high” and why exercise is thought to cure depression. Smoking the weeds can improve your appetite and makes you love eating.

The long term effects are that they can help our body to maintain its nutrients balance by helping it maintaining its oxidative qualities and cell to cell connections. It can decrease our average BMI by improving our metabolism. It can also reduce diabetes risk and obesity too. Aging process can be slowed by use of these because they can improve metabolism, provides resistance to diseases, there are less chance of memory loss and also helps to stop wrinkling of skin.

Studies have shown that diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, croon’s and epilepsy may all be connected to irregularities in the end cannabis system.

That was all that the weeds use can do any good to our body, now move on to the harmful effects of usage of weeds as smoking, engulfing or inhaling in vapor form.


Your ways of its usage affects your health verily. The short term negative effects include paranoia, disorientation and racing heart.

Paranoia a condition in which when you smoke too much weed and you want more, your anxiety level increases and if you use a little your anxiety level drops down so you feel comfortable in public. Disorientation is also its side effect .THC is psychoactive form of drug remember when you are using it. Smoking this can make you feel you are not in real world and your mind is disoriented. Sometimes this is enjoyable with laughter, peace and look of bright world.

These can increase your heart rate after half hour of smoking marijuana but not too high to cause a heart attack. But risks are more having sex or having intense exercise after its use and cocaine have 25 % more chance of heart attack.

Long term negative effects of use are tar building up, less REM sleep, high risk of adolescents, high controversial risks.

The stay of weed depend on how much we intake the smoke if we use marijuana frequently for next 15 days urine samples show traces of THC. With some more use of these this period can be increased from 30 to 90 day with the heavy use of marijuana. There is a question also usually comes to our mind how these contents appear in our urine? The answer layers the compounds in smoke like THC and TCH- COOH It is a product that is produced by breakdown of THC. That’s important to know that when someone smokes marijuana for the first time these weeds stay in your system for 1-3 day on the day 4 your urine have low quantity of these compounds below threshold. How to pass a urine test when you have weeds in your system? Drinking too much water can spoil sample because the urine will be so diluted that will be rejected by labs.


  • Use the best pipes to smoke and keep them clean don’t use dirty pipes.
  • Try to balance your strains. Do not use high strains in excess like THC. Excess use can make you feel paranoia and anxious. The best strains available now days are harlequin, shark shock.
  • Take breaks don’t use them regularly set your own breaks and follow them that’s important otherwise there will be circumstances.
  • Breath heavily in between your drugs and try to maintain your work out don’t be too addicted.

That was all about these weeds usage it’s up to you to make decision that they are worth to take risk or not. And how long does this weed stay in your system that is all described above.

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