You saw your favorite Hollywood star or some instagram celebrity with beautiful nails? Their nails covered with chains, baubles and jewels, often outrageously long and perfectly shaped. You wanted to give these beautiful nails a try but you’ve had difficulty growing your nails? One of the easiest ways of improving nail length is by getting enhancements.  Women before The Kardashians have been wearing artificial nails for decades. It all happened in 1955 when a dentist named Fred Slack fixed his broken nail by this accidental invention. Further this trend was embraced by some Hip-hop artists in the 80’s and 90’s, and now it has become quit mainstream. There are many types of nail extension, acrylic, gel, silk and crystal nails. I’ve always wondered how girls with long nails pick their noses. Nailing’ it!

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Acrylic nails are one type of nail enhancement that you can get as fake nails. It is basically a liquid a powder and a primer which are mixed together to form an acrylic material on your nail that hardens. In start it looks like a jelly kind of material but it hardens with time at room temperature. Your nail technician (yes they are called that) would prep your nails that includes buffing them to get rid of the shines and oils because it will the acrylic adhere to your natural nail (that sounds promising). They dehydrate the nail because nails are alkaline based and acrylic is acidic based.  The PH balance of nail has to match the acrylic (once I told a chemistry joke, there was no reaction). An extension on the tip of the nail is applied to give the acrylic a structure. You can get different shapes like coffin, oval, squoval, stiletto nails, square and round. When acrylic is applied then they apply gel top coat to give water durability to acrylic nails. As the length of the nail grows with time, nail enhancements also grows with it. So it is important to visit the saloon every two or three weeks to fill in the acrylics.

Now that you have entered the magical world of artificial nails and got obsessed with how fancy your hands look, you are thinking when and how are you ever going to leave?

The struggle is real for a girl with a set of acrylic nails, from its cost to the scratch marks and of course difficulties in some routine activities. Thinking of how to remove acrylic nails?

Here Are Some Struggles Only a Girl With Acrylic Nails Can Relate To:

1- Typing on phone or a keyboard is harder than it should be.

2- Good luck picking a coin you dropped.

3- Putting and taking out a contact lens is a battle.

4- Food stuck underneath your nails.

5- Zipping and fastening buttons can be tough.

6- One the worst nightmare is breaking your nails.

7- Forget about clasping your favorite dainty or statement necklace by yourself.

8- Peeling off a label or a sticker could be very frustrating.

Let me make it simple for you, from the celebrities you got impressed and decided to have these fancy nail extensions have got a whole team of people helping them with these tasks. Now you got frustrated with its share of challenges and want to ditch acrylics? The time has come to look for how to remove acrylic nails.

How to remove acrylic nails?

You can go to your nail technician or you can also remove them at home.

Start off by taking the top layer of the nail off because it got a gel top coat on it which won’t soak in acetone.  In saloons they use electric filer to remove the top gel coat; you can use any sharp filer for this purpose.  After removing the coat the nail is then dipped in acetone for almost good 10 to 15 minutes. Keeping in mind acetone is extremely drying, so the chemical should be used wisely.  Use a cuticle remover to remove excess of acrylic coat. Once the nail extensions are removed, the nail bed may appear dry and rough as nails are made up of dead keratin they will weaken if they don’t get to breathe due to which the nail growth stops.

Nail Care Tips You Should Know!

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Nail extension or not everyone should take care of their nails/ it is not important to go o saloons and spend too much on grooming your hand and feet. It can be done very easily at home and quite cheaper than saloon treatments. Taking daily care of your nails by following remedies and tips can help to grow nails fast and healthy.

Keeping your nails dry and clean shall prevent the formation of infections. That’s why wearing gloves during housekeeping like washing the dishes or gardening is important. Use anti-bacterial soaps to keep the bacteria away.

Never use your nails as tools in your daily life. Opening cans and packages can cause damage to your nails also to your nail extensions.

If you are wearing an acrylic nail it is important to not to ignore chipped or broken nail because in this way bacteria and fungus enters the nail, so for a quick fix going to the saloon is best and safer option.

Moisturize your hands and cuticles.

Of course last but not the least don’t bite your nails while you watch a horror movie. That demon could be killed but your nails aren’t growing again.

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