young skin
24 Jan 2017

5 Natural Ways To Make Your Skin Look Younger !

Do you often feel like wrinkles and grey hair, every now and then, keep on coming out from nowhere, whenever you see yourself in the mirror? Or you feel like with every second passing by, you’re getting tired and shabby, as you’re aging and getting older a little too quickly. 

food stall
16 Nov 2016

Are You Eating Healthy? Best Foods To Eat Everyday!

Life today has become so much busy that we do not have any time to take care of our diet routine. In spite of being aware about the fact that it is very important to include carbohydrates, proteins, essential oils, vitamins, minerals etc., in our diet, we never know whether

How to remove acrylic nails
08 Aug 2016

5 Ways To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home!

You saw your favorite Hollywood star or some instagram celebrity with beautiful nails? Their nails covered with chains, baubles and jewels, often outrageously long and perfectly shaped. You wanted to give these beautiful nails a try but you’ve had difficulty growing your nails? One of the easiest ways of improving

Beauty hacks every girl should know
06 Aug 2016

8 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

Girls and makeup… this is the bond which can never EVER face a breakup. But imagine those mornings when you are getting ready for college and that linear of yours is just not getting right and you are like trying to fix it but you just end up in a

late period negative pregnancy test
19 Jul 2016

Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW !

It’s a very common perception that late period is a symptom of pregnancy, especially when one is sexually active. However, the real stress comes when you get a negative pregnancy report and you start thinking about the causes of late periods. No matter you’re trying to conceive a baby or

cramps after period
25 Jun 2016

Cramps after Period: Symptoms, Reasons and Treatment

Women go through period in every 20 to 30 days. They face different levels of anxiety, moodiness, crankiness, absurdity, vulnerability and hormonal imbalances. And, unfortunately many of them experience cramps after period, during and even before menstrual cycle. What keeps them on hold is the routine. However, they don’t like

1800 calorie diet
05 Mar 2016

Most Convenient 1800 Calorie Diet Plan

Particularly suggested for men, and 1800 calorie diet plan mainly consists of three meals along with two to three snacks per day. But this plan is not only for men, it can also be used by women who have gained much weight and now desire to lose some weight. Points