A majority of people have tried one diet or another at least once in their lifetime. The promise to lose weight fast can entice even the greatest food lover to try out a diet to lose those extra pounds. The 3 day military diet is one of the most popular and effective diets nowadays. The reason for its popularity is the promise to lose 10 pounds in just one week – Yes, you heard me right! 10 pounds in only a single week. So if you want to start a diet but don’t think that you can keep away from food for a long period of time then this diet is perfect for you. Many people believe that weight loss takes a long time and the promise to lose weight almost overnight is too good to accept, but a lot of people have tried this diet, and they all recommend this diet wholeheartedly.

The Positive Side Of The 3 Day Military Diet:

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This diet is for those people who want to lose weight quickly, and the best thing about this diet is that it gives instant results which motivate the dieter to continue this diet over a long period of time. This is the only diet which allows the dieters to eat vanilla ice cream. This diet is best for beginners because the portions of food are clearly detailed so that it is easier to follow it.

This is a complete diet because the meals consist of sugar, salt, and carbohydrates, so the dieter does not feel any deprivation. It is also very cost effective as the dieter does not any expensive supplements. This diet does not comprise of meals that require a lengthy list of ingredients that take a long time to prepare. If you need to lose weight quickly for an upcoming social event, then this diet is the best for you. Normal diets require a huge amount of willpower because a dieter needs to follow it over a long period of time while this diet is easy and can help you to lose weight in 3 days only.

Some hard facts about 3 day military diet:

When you start this diet, you decrease your calorie intake and as a result, you start losing weight because you start losing fat and not water as some people believe. You will not gain back the weight you have lost as long as you keep track of the number of calories you eat every day. This diet is divided into two steps over a period of 7 days.

During the first three days, the dieter needs to follow a meal plan where his calorie intake is 1, 100 calories per day while for the remaining four days the dieter can eat a healthy meal while keeping a check on the calories. You do not starve yourself in this diet rather following this diet increases the metabolic rate, and your body burns fat more quickly. This diet is inexpensive because most of the things you can eat in this diet are already present in your home. You do not need to buy any special ingredient or supplement because everything you need is very easily available.

Step by step 3 day military diet: 

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This Military Diet is very easy to follow because all meals are very clearly outlined. If you are a vegetarian, you can easily substitute the meat in this diet with lentils, nuts or other protein substitutes.

Breakfast for day 1:

Your breakfast on the first day should include a half grapefruit, one slice of bread. It would be much better if the bread you choose is whole grain. Along with the bread, you can also have around two tablespoons of peanut butter. Your breakfast should also include a caffeine drink which means that you should either have tea or coffee for breakfast.

Lunch for day 1:

Your lunch on day 1 should consist of half cup of tuna. However, if you do not like tuna, then you can replace it with any lean protein. The amount should remain the same. Along with the protein, you can have a slice of bread and a cup of caffeinated tea or coffee.

Dinner for day 1:

For dinner on the first day, you have the option to choose any meat that you like. You can also use a protein substitute. However, the amount should not exceed 4 ounces. Along with the protein, you can have a cup of green beans, a moderate size apple, half of a banana, and a cup of vanilla flavored ice cream. Yes, it sounds unbelievable, but you are encouraged to have ice cream in the diet.

Breakfast for day 2:

Breakfast on the second day should consist of an egg, a slice of bread and half of a banana.

Lunch on day 2:

Your lunch on the second day should contain an egg which has been hardboiled and a cup of cottage cheese along with around 5 saltine crackers.

Dinner for the second day:

Your dinner on the second day needs to a complete meal which includes 4 ounces of meat of your choice. If you don’t want to go for meat, then you can always use the same amount of protein substitute. An example of protein substitute is tofu. Your meal should also include a cup of broccoli and half a cup of carrots. Additionally, it should also include half of a banana and a half cup of vanilla ice cream.

Breakfast for the third day:

For breakfast on day three, you should take 5 of the saltine crackers along with one slice of cheddar cheese and a moderate sized apple.

Lunch for day 3:

For lunch, you can have an egg. You can either hard boil the egg, or you can cook it in any way that you want. This should be accompanied with a slice of bread.

The last day dinner:

Dinner on the third day should only include a cup of tuna, half of a banana, and a cup of your favorite vanilla ice cream.

Day 4 – 7

In the next three days of the week, you can eat whatever you like as long as you do not exceed 1500 calories in a day. In addition, you must drink as much water as you can to flush out unwanted toxins, increase fat loss and to give a feeling of a full stomach. Cold drinks, diet sodas or any other beverages, diet or artificially – sweetened, are not allowed on this diet.

However, if you are a vegetarian, you can substitute eggs, meat, and tuna with lentils, cottage cheese, nuts, and tofu. If you do not like grapefruit, you can substitute it with a glass of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda. This will help to burn away the fat. If you do not like tuna, you can replace it with any other fish. Whenever you substitute one food with another, you should keep in mind that both foods have the same number of calories. You should replace vegetable in place of a vegetable and fruit in place of fruit so that the nutritional balance of this diet is not disturbed. It os truly the best way to lose weight.

The success of this diet:

The success of this diet depends on how much follow this military diet plan. Although it is difficult but should keep in mind that it is just for 3 days. After 72 hours you can see the difference for yourself. You should not modify or change the diet plan but follow it to the letter to get the maximum benefits because if you do change it, the diet will not work. You will obviously feel hungry but use this opportunity to feel compassion for the less privileged. Try to eat sensibly for the rest of the week after the three-day diet. Do not exceed the 1500 calorie mark for one day. This diet plan does not allow snacks in between meals so avoid them at all costs. Avoid fatty foods and overeating on days when you are not on a diet.

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Why is this Military Diet so effective?

This diet is effective due to a number of reasons. The meal in this diet contains very few calories. When you take in fewer calories, the body burns the stored calories, that is fat, to make up for the shortfall in energy. When your body uses the stored fat, you start to lose weight. This diet is a classical form of intermittent fasting which is an effective way to lose weight. Fasting between meals increases insulin sensitivity due to which nutrients are absorbed by the muscles and do not form fat. This diet helps you to maximize the metabolism of your body.

Specific foods for faster metabolism:

The calories that you burn in a day is known as the metabolic rate. The higher rate of metabolism that you have, the faster you will be able to lose your fat. For this reason, many of the foods that are present in the diet are those that possess properties of fat burning and boosts the metabolism.

Foods high in protein are specifically included in the diet because of the thermal effect that they have. this means that digesting these foods, as well as eating them, requires a great number of calories. On the other hand, foods which are rich in fiber such as broccoli, apples, and green beans are filling while also containing a less number of calories. As a result, these foods boost up the metabolism. Meanwhile, foods that have a higher proportion of calcium like cottage cheese and ice cream are strongly related to burning fat at a higher rate. This is because calcium attaches itself to the calcium which helps it in passing through the digestive system. This means that it does not get digested and just passes through the body.

Things to do for maximized results:

If you want maximized results from this military diet plan then instead of increasing your calories on the fourth day by easing off, you can start the diet again. This means that in one week, you can do the diet twice, and you will surely get much better results. This will be effective for when you have less time, but you want to lose more weight. There are a few other things that you can do for the best results.

Firstly, you can start off your day by drinking a huge glass of water. Additionally, you should also drink water before starting any meal. The reason behind this is the fact that water contains no calories and is filling. As a result, you will feel hungry less if you drink a good amount of water each day.

Then, you should make sure that you purchase your food beforehand. This way, you will not have to go buy grocery when you are hungry. Avoid purchasing food items when you are hungry because of hunger will make you buy food which you shouldn’t. You should wait until the diet is finished before you head for the stores for your groceries. This way, you will avoid purchasing foods that would tempt you while you are on a diet.

You should do your daily workout as soon as you wake up in the morning. This is extremely beneficial because working out on an empty stomach burns a greater amount of fat. This is because when you have food in your body, the body tends to use that for energy instead of the fat. If working out in the morning is not possible for you, then you should try and walk in between meals instead of walking after them.

You need to follow the diet!

The 3 day military diet is not fuss at all. Additionally, it also does a great job of burning down a great number of calories. If you want a straightforward method of losing weight, then you should definitely choose this military diet. All you need to do is buy the groceries and get started.

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